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5th Grade Teachers
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5th Grade

5th Grade Welcome Letter

Calling all Grade 5 Parents

Welcome students and parents to this exciting grade! We, the 5th grade teachers, are ecstatic about the wonderful opportunities the 5th Grade curriculum has to offer. Our expectations are high and we are confident this year will be one to always remember. The fifth grade teachers work hard to prepare students for the transition to middle school. In fifth grade we emphasize the following behaviors:

  •   Motivation - is required to ensure successful completion of elementary school.

  •   Commitment to learning - demonstrated by coming to school everyday, on time, with an attitude for learning, in school uniform.

  •   Dedication to learning - demonstrated by completing all class work, homework and off-track assignments

  •   Pride in self and family - demonstrated by behaving in a respectful, responsible and safe manner toward themselves, fellow classmates, faculty and staff.


Our 5th grade students are expected to embody all that we stand for at Harbor City Elementary School. We expect all students to be positive role models to all other students in the school. All 5th grade students are expected to exemplify behaviors that are both respectful and responsible.

Academic Year at a Glance

  •   Students will continue to be taught through themed units emphasizing reading comprehension, vocabulary development and writing.

  •   We will cover a handful of mathematical areas this year including multiplication, division, geometry, algebra and fractions.

  •   Social Studies will focus heavily on the growth and development of the Nation beginning with the Native Americans and ending with the Westward Movement of the Early Settlers.

  •   Science will incorporate investigations and experiments in physical science, life science and earth science. There is so much more to learn and discover! .


Parents are the children’s FIRST teachers. You have a crucial role in your child’s education. We look forward to working with you and encourage your involvement at home and at school. Your support is highly valued. A quiet home environment, computer access, supplies and consistent positive encouragement are essential to your child’s success. This agenda is your tool as much as it is your child’s. Make sure that you read this agenda each evening and sign it . It is your daily reminder and our way to ensure consistent home-school communication. We thank you for your support.